Why Blendtec?

A Superior Blending Experience.

A blender is quite different from the average food processor. The food processors are between 300 to 800 W with RPM between 1,500 to 3,000rpm, while Blenders run between 17,000 to 30,000+ rpm. This lets you make very different food products in your Blendtec blender and recipes that are impossible otherwise.

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Power (Watt)



Sound/ Noise

Classic 575

Power: 1500

Interface: Touch Pad

Operation: Semi-Automatic

Sound: Open


Classic Total

Power: 1500

Interface: Touch Pad

Operation: Automatic

Sound: Open


Designer 725

Power: 1800

Interface: Capacitive

Operation: Advance Automatic

Sound: Open


Pro 800

Power: 1800

Interface: Capacitive

Operation: Super Automatic

Sound: Integrated Enclosure



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FAQs for Blendtec India Ordering

Where can I get Blendtec Blenders in India?

Blendtec Residential and Commercial Blenders and Accessories in India are available via Agniswan INV Private Limited, the owner of Mansion Avenue website. Blendtec in India can be ordered directly from our website links here. You can also order offline by sending us an email at info@mansionavenue.com. The price offline may not be the same as website. All Blenders are shipped FOB New Delhi across India.

Is Blendtec available in 220V in India or 110V?

We provide 220-240V Blenders made for Asia, Europe and outside of USA by Blendtec in Blendtec’s factory in USA. Specifications are 230V, 50Hz, 1Ph. You DO NOT REQUIRE 110V converters with our products, and you must not use converters which voids warranty globally.

Can I use 110V Blender in India?

Blendtec blenders are not supposed to be used cross voltage with converters. It is forbidden, unsafe, dangerous and voids warranty immediately. The Blender will burn out due to high wattage, requiring purchase of a new machine of correct warranty for the region.

Does Blendtec offer Warranty in India?

Yes Blendtec Blenders are under Warranty when purchased from Agniswan INV Pvt Ltd and machines registered with us sold to a dealer that must be advised by AIPL. Blendtec offers an 8 Year Warranty on its products, that we pass on to you. When ordered from third party, the products are Not Covered under Warranty.

How can I get Blendtec serviced in India?

If your Blender is 230V and ordered from us, you can place a service request by emailing us at support@agniswan.zendesk.com. The blender is collected by us from your address, serviced and returned back to you. You can Whatsapp/ Call us to learn more. Remember to share Blender’s Serial Number, Model, Date of Purchase.

Is Mansion-Avenue the Authentic source for Blendtec in India?

Mansion-Avenue is the e-Commerce sales site of Agniswan INV Private Limited, the authorized distributor for Blendtec USA. Ordering blenders from unauthorized sources is not guaranteed, serviced and warranted by AIPL/ Blendtec. To verify international dealers, visit https://www.blendtec.com/pages/commercial-dealers and select India.

Why is Blendtec costlier in India than USA?

Blendtec in America is made locally and sold in US Dollars. It is the cheapest in USA. The same products in 230V are more expensive in Europe due to shipping and duty. While in India they carry a higher fee, because there is additional import fee as shipping to India, custom clearance charges, custom duty and cess by government, and an18% GST on the entire total. The rate is converted in latest currency exchange rate such as USD 1 = INR 73-77 depending on time of import. A common $300 blender in USA can go to $590 in India due to above. Blendtec in India is an imported product, but it also has an extremely long shelf life and everyday use for next 10 years.

Can I buy Blendtec from USA and use in India?

Blendtec from USA comes in 110/115V, and 60Hz. It cannot be used in India without voiding warranty and using a converter that is forbidden for safety of machine and operator.

How much time does it take to Receive my Blender?

We try to send In-Stock Blenders within 2-3 working days of order receipt. The Stock Machines ae Classic 575 and Total Blender. Other Blenders are On-Demand but with swift import without too much delay. The On-Demand or Backorder blenders are generally available to you within 30 days of order. The shortest time is 15 days (but we will not commit on that!). 30 Days it is.

How do I order Blendtec?

Just go to the Blender Model Page, Add to Cart, and Process using your preferred medium such as Debit, Credit Card or Netbanking. We accept Visa, Master, Amex. We don’t have any COD options. If you see on this page Offers, use the coupon to get a Free Shipping or Discount. Process the order and we will get it in minutes. You too would receive an instant email confirmation. Just add your email correctly.

Can I order from Amazon.in or Flipkart?

You may order Blendtec from marketplaces if Sold by “Agniswan INV Pvt Ltd” only. Blenders sold on marketplaces may have a button at the product page. We prefer to process order from MANSION-AVENUE and offer customers here a Priority. If the stock finishes for customer ordering at mansionavenue.com, marketplace orders are cancelled for non-availability.