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What separates Mansion Avenue from any other retailer is the design service you receive from us in helping you envision your cellar or bar solution. We help our customers with real renders and architectural CAD designs, for you and your decorator.

The professional expertise backing our products make us an exclusive partner for renovations where you require intelligence behind the solution, who can guide you away from errors and assure a perfect fit of an installation. 


Our Compliments

Professional design services for our products selected is complimentary. Share your space information, and select your amenities. Then we will fit it out for you and together find out what you enjoy best to finalize. As long as the information is shared with us. Please note site visitations are charged.



You will receive engineering drawings using AutoCAD software. The files shared are PDF. CAD dwg files are available once your order is frozen. The design made for you will be good for your project manager and interior designer to work with and interface.


Project Management

Further to a professional design, at no extra fee we also consolidate your order, material, logistics and delivery to site. Custom clearances are undertake and the installation completion. These services while carry a high value, is complimentary for our customers.

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