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21 Sep, 2016, 07:16 BST

NEW DELHISeptember 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Wine has come a long way in India from struggling to be accepted, to showcasing in hotels and restaurants, to being served by the glass. Regular wine displays have become a common feature especially for hotels in India. This begs the question if it is the end and what could be improved? With all restaurants looking the same, how can a restaurant stand out from the rest, and standing out today is critical for survival.

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Expo SRL, the company based in Torino, Italy has a striking answer by creating patent designs in wine displays called Parete. These creations are more than wine storage; they add the element of ornate or sophisticated design and material to wine. Expo Wine displays don’t stop at the form, they advance the function equally using an exclusive cold block system that maintains regional temperatures. These temperatures can be zoned inside one cabinet. Therefore, a single cabinet can store champagnes at 4°C, white wines at 8°C, rose at 12°C, and red wines at 18°C.

The idea of wine presentation has been one-track minded lacking creativity. Creativity is especially lost where everyone is doing the same thing. Expo SRL’s creativity in design and function not only stands out, it adds a dimension of creative thought by adding satellite refrigerated frames called the Quadro. Quadro are square lean-wall frames that house from one to five bottles of wines or champagnes in cold temperature and present it as out-of-the-box. These are those special edition wines that would otherwise get lost inside a two-hundred-bottle cabinet.

Expo SRL doesn’t cease its wine display creative pursuit and takes the presentation to an all glass island display called the Teca. Wine bottles are displayed in four different configurations and visible from the glass on sides, front, back and top. The design elements of Parete are uniform with Teca as well.

Expo Wine Questionnaire with Vickram Mederata, Director, Benneta Barscope Pvt. Ltd.

– Why tie up with Expo and launch in India?

Benneta’s legacy has always been of launching ideas that change an existing industry. We don’t launch too many ideas, the last two we did were Glastender in 1998 and Blendtec in 2004. Both revolutionized the industry by application, training and products customers could now be served to. Change is also a subject to industry’s desire to change thus something work absolutely great and some don’t. It’s a waste to do something that is already done, and wine is on its way to evolve. Wine cabinets in India either lack creativity, design, or functionality that is, they are bulky, not sleek, very stainless; and commercial grade, not sophisticated.

To us, this is the right step of evolution or improvement. The tri-fold idea of Expo to display and present wine i.e. Parete (Built-in), Quadro (Wall-framed), and Teca (Island) is the finest presentation of wine on the planet. We are willing to invest into taking Expo to sophisticated wine connoisseurs in India and everywhere in the world where we serve. We are excited to have found a right partner in our idea of good life.

 Who would use Expo Wine Cabinets in India, what is your target audience?

We have a feeling that Expo Wine would be well-set in a lot of luxury homes or upmarket homes that may want smaller versions such as the Quadro wall displays. It certainly will be a breath of fresh air for interior designers and architects that can build design-element into wine walls for their residential and commercial clients, and get rid of the bulky steel displays. The hospitality industry focused on design and sophistication or that wants to create unique brands would be its user, but not necessarily everyone. Our solutions are always made for leaders, first-movers, game changers as seen historically. We do not see bulk sales but stand out installations in each city, which is frankly our business model as well. We don’t want to be everywhere, but where it matters. The markets are restaurants, nightclubs, hotel suites, prime residences, and buyers are hoteliers, home owners, and premium residences builders.

 What is the USP (unique selling proposition) of Expo in brief for someone looking for Wine Cabinets?

Ask yourself if you’re looking for a plain storage solution, or are you focused on creating a design visual that stands out and elevates the environment into prestigious location. If prestigious look and feel is important, then Expo Wine is the answer. Prestige is made up of design, material, finish, quality, lighting, and artistry. Together it is craftsmanship, which must involve complexities yet make it look simple.

 How can someone order Expo and how much time does it take to get an installation done, and if we can get a preview of some prices?

Since every cabinet, wall frame or island unit are customized; we will need to identify:

— Style of bottle displays

— Cabinet color

— Frame style and color

— Type of cabinet (i.e., standard or custom temperature zones)

— Configuration of modules based on area

— Optional lighting types (white, blue or warm)

Once these are finished, we provide the designs and possibly some renders of expected unit. It takes between five to seven weeks for complex designs while three to four weeks for standard units to be made. Installation takes few days. We make the units available to hoteliers through direct import options as well as purchase via local company in local currency.

The prices are tailored on specifications.

Expo SRL information is available at http://www.exposrl.com and at http://www.benneta.com.

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