Inspiring Florida Waterfront Estate by Fort Myers with Must Home Amenities

Florida offers some of the most spectacular home designs with focus on advanced amenities indoors, outdoors, kitchen with Picturesque views. Florida homes built to experience living to its fullest and that is why Mansion Avenue recommends Florida Design as a great lookbook of luxury mansion designs.

Luxury Home Amenities Guide

Snowhite 50lt Minibar Cooler All-Glass Matt Black

84,243.74 75,818.54

Snowhite Minibars are Made in Italy and imported by Mansion Avenue for our esteemed customers that desire high quality finish, material and performance, where the product meets high standards of the environment its set in.

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Frigelux 2-Glass Door Backbar Beverage Chiller

241,286.40 205,093.44

French brand Frigelux is brought to India by Mansion Avenue offering its Quality products at affordable prices and high performance features and finish, that fit perfectly in a fine environment. This refrigerator must be used below 32*C ambient and is not made for outdoor use.

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Frigelux 65L Minibar Fridge, Black Matt

63,997.30 54,854.66

Frigelux MB60 65lt high volume Minibar is silent enough to stay inside the bedroom and keep much more options of cans, bottles, and packs of all sizes ready if you want. It’s design is unlike anything you can see or find with a special can and tall bottle rack. Imported from France. Order yours today. If questions, whatsapp (10AM-11PM) or call (till 10AM-7PM).

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Mod 20 Series Wine Showcase

Modular system. Compositions can be made by using both refrigerated and non-refrigerated cabinets. External cladding is in HPL with 45-degree carved edge.

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Snowhite ZB12C Stainless Portable Gourmet Ice Maker

50,445.00 39,724.70

The Ultimate Personal Ice Maker with Shimmering Brushed Stainless Body, Compact footprint, offering un-limiting Bullet Ice Cubes as long as the Glasses empty out. Offers three ice size, perfect for crushing (Mojito), blending (Smoothies) and larger ice use with cocktails. A most for every home in Kitchen, Bar; Private office, or Hotel Suite.

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Glastender C1SB24 Direct Draw 1-3 Beer Dispenser

Draft Beer is just a stone’s throw with the All-Weather Undercounter Beer Kegerator made by Glastender. Just place 1 to 3 Kegs inside the refrigerated cabinet and plug it to the beer tower line on top. Start drawing beer. Remains fresh till 30 days of tapping.

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Kobayashi KB-Series Built-in Cocktail Bar


Kobayashi Workflow built-in Cocktail bars install all the functions of preparation of gourmet cocktails that match a professional Tavern recipe. The built-in is a great organizer that lets you create artfully instead of painfully, and serve elegantly keeping the after-mess at bay. The cocktail station also keeps the bar surface safe from scratches, cuts, stains, and infestation keeping the bar looking clean and new all its life.

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La Sommeliere Cigar Console Cellar

126,353.22 99,502.32

La Sommelière cigar cellar for storing up to 250 cigars in optimal conditions. To preserve the qualities of the tobacco and savour your finest cigars at their best, you need to store them in an environment that is neither too dry nor too damp. The sliding drawers provide easy and convenient access. Option to store cigars individually or in their box. Rated energy class A, the cellar is very eco-friendly. Includes lock.

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Snowhite ZB12C Silver Portable Gourmet Ice Maker

44,386.88 34,953.96

Snowhite Personal portable ice maker in smart metallic silver finish is made for assurance of safety and cleanliness of your drinks. It produces three types of gourmet ice size meant for cocktails (crushing/ muddling)/Small, blending/Medium, and spirits/Regular. Its unique front loading design allows you to fit it as built into a cabinet, such as kitchen or minibar.

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Glastender SpaceSaver 35″H 1-Door Customized Single Zone Beverage Chiller

Glastender bar coolers are engineered with professional end-wall forced-air refrigeration system made for Michelin star restaurants, cosmopolitan nightclubs and luxury hotels. The requirement is of perfection in cooling the beverages quickly down to between 1 to 4 degree celsius. The single door one zone cooler is customized to taste once selected.

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La Sommeliere 38 Bottle Wine Cooler + Wine Preservation

106,651.94 83,987.68

LS38A service cellar with PRESERVIN integrated vacuum pump system: an innovation from La Sommelière—ideal for preserving and storing up to three open bottles of wine. Total capacity: 38 bottles. It is the an exclusive wine cooler available in the market like none other, allowing you to keep open bottles preserved!

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La Sommeliere Thermoelectric wine cellar LCS18 18 bottles

40,850.42 32,169.16

LSC18 serving temperature cellar for conditioning up to 18 bottles*. Delivered with 5 fixed wooden shelves, the little cellar has a 49,7 liters useful volume. Innovating and practical, you can set the temperature directly on the front of the door through its tactile control panel. No need to open the door!  Thermoelectric and air moving systems

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