Renovating your Mansion in India? The Ultimate Design Amenities for Wine Showcase.

New Home Design Ideas

Modern House Architecture and Design needs to be cutting edge as home owners are looking for more than a place to sit and unwind. The contemporary home needs to have the amenities of entertainment, because high net worth individuals prefer home entertainment. The era of COVID19 has not helped by making it difficult to truly entertain outside in public spaces. At home, we know our friends and family, and we have the comfort level. Many modern and leading interior designers are working on creating special spaces in the home where a professional wine cellar and home bar is envisioned. Mansion Avenue is working with such cutting edge designers and helping them with befitting resources, to realize their dream home entertainment areas.

Built in Wine Showcases are In

A Wine Showcase signifies taste, style, and elegance of the home owner. It’s a passion for young individuals to collect and display wines from across the world. As we travel from region to region, the greatest memories for some is bringing home special selections from wineries or Duty free shops. How do we create a statement of our love of wines and keeping them, aging them and relishing it.

Teca-B Series Wine Showcase

Built-in version of the Teca cabinet. Teca B is easy to install in recesses or unused spaces. The frame is mounted with a snap-on system and therefore easily replaced for any technical or sales need. The reduced depth version (H) may be included in Wine Living® furniture.

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Teca Series Wine Showcase

Teca is elegant and subdued, deliberately minimalistic and essential. The horizontal bottle arrangement blends in with the scene. It is an item with unmistakable design that will make any setting unique.

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Mod 10 Series Wine Showcase

Modular system – two or more different models of cabinet can be combined together. The composition has to be fitted with frames or linear cladding.

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Designing your Wine Showcase

A Showcase is quite different from Wine Cooler or Cabinet. In showcases we can create a refrigerated cabinet with maximized glass view and showcase wines and champagnes in different display configurations. The  Wine Showcase can keep things like:

  1. Decanter on a flat shelf.
  2. Tall Champagne bottles
  3. Wine bottles in arrangements of slanted, horizontal and straight.
  4. A combination of refrigerated wine display and room temperature cabinet for liquor bottles.
  5. Combination of Wine and Chocolate or Cheese Cellar.

Designing your Wine Showcase with Customization

Here are some examples in designing your personalized wine showcase.

Wine Showcase with Wine Ageing

It’s important to make sure the select wines are also preserved from breaking down by keeping them away from house odour, pollution, vibration, and UV rays. Therefore when planning the wine showcase, cutting corners by creating a glass cabinet with air conditioning is avoided. They do not keep wines. Wine Showcase must essentially by Wine Ageing Cabinets, that are designed artfully as showcases.

Steps in Designing the Custom Wine Showcase

  1. Appoint an interior decorator who can create space design.
  2. Share your space design in CAD file.
  3. Plan your wine cellar configuration options.
  4. Finalize the finishes.
  5. Lastly select options in features as charcoal filter, lighting..
  6. Build and install the Cellar at your space.

To get your Wine Cellar Showcase designed and instrumented, get in touch with us from our contact page. Or Whatsapp and leave your message.

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