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When ordering with Mansion-Avenue, you cut out the middlemen and third party marketplaces. If there is a reseller we appoint, the fee to the agency is given by us from our own account. When you buy directly from, we offer you the lowest price in the country. Still questions?Whatsapp us.

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Personalized Service

At Mansion-Avenue we take time to know our customers individually as you become a recognized client, not a nameless number. We take our relationships seriously, i.e. you. There are many other services you receive at no extra cost, such as CAD design and drawings for your interior decorator or project team. We help you plan to install your product correctly. 

Ever had a pain dealing with customer care agents who know nothing about their own product? Or waited for minutes to have your phone disconnected. Leave that aside as you receive personalized attention at Mansion-Avenue.

Exclusive member of Mansion Society.

Lets be fair, there are no serious places in India offering this kind of dedicated service and products to people who can pay for it. There is no place that offers you guidance, and the respect you deserve. Here you become a part of a select group of creme de la creme, and receive the MANSION SOCIETY membership card as soon as we launch for our clientele.